General information:

The walks last appr. one and a half hours!

They all focus on literature and writers, Danish or international ones!

A walk costs 100 kr and we use mobile pay! If you are a returning “walker” it makes good sense to buy an 8 tour card for 560 kr. It can be shared among friends!

You may join an open walk or you can require your own walk with your own friends og colleagues.

We also arrange walks for children- please get in touch if you have special requests!
It could be a safari tour in Bredgade or a Halfdan Rasmussen walk in Christianshavn.

If you like challenges we can arrange a quiz tour - a crime tour through Copenhagen: a Jesper Stein tour, a Lone Theils tour! Whatever you wish!

I can do the walks in English or Danish - it depends on the participants! 


25/01/2022 17:00

Robert Burns walk.

From Sankt Thomas Plads.

About the tours:

All tours cost 100 kr! Mobile pay: 29 10 10 55.


Buy a multiple-trip card for tours: buy an 8-trip card for: 560 kr.
(It makes good sense to you who revisits! Or
for a small group of readers)

You are welcome to book your own trip with your own group of friends / colleagues etc.