Image by Jonas Jacobsson

Join the Anglomania Book Club now.


You will receive The Oxford Book now, the Canterbury Book in spring, and a subscription to Anglomania for the next year!


Furthermore, you will get good bargains at affordable prizes and excellent new fiction, like Klara and the Sun!


499 kr for the first year- then 100 kr pr year and a completely free choice of books.


Assortment of Books

Books available in the Book Club at the moment:


- Klara and the Sun

- Shuggy Bain

- Great Expectations

- Alive, Alive Oh (Dublin)

- You’ll never walk alone (Liverpool)

- Den lille bog om Jane Austen

- Oxford Nostalgi

- Jane Austen.

- The Secret Radical

- antologien At blive Grebet

- og mange flere på vej!


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