A gift for Christmas!


Why  not buy a gift card to one of my city walks!

More than 80 different walks to choose from!


Ring 29 10 10 55 and get a quote and decide which trip suits you best!

Send me an email for the list of tours: lotteliselottelise@hotmail.com

Christmas Gifts

Tour in December

 Every Sunday in December I do a guided Golden Age walk starting 11:00-12:00 from Det lille Apotek in the latin district.


You simply turn up for the tour!

Contact for more information:





"To me writing is a matter of life and death - a means of expressing yourself and getting to grips with the world around you" 


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—  Lise Lotte Frederiksen, Author

I am an author with a Master's Degree in Danish, English and Theater studies. 


I have taught most of my life, but have for the past five years mostly lectured on literature and gone on literary city walks in European cities. 

I see myself first and foremost as a communicator and I have a great love of literature, not least the classics. 

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